Most often the mood is changing because of the inability to celebrate the holiday as you wish. The weather turned bad – you can't have a barbecue; at your favorite restaurant on this date fully booked, etc. In this case, we should not despair, because you fate is telling you to adjust plans for the day of birth in the new scenario. You will be surprised by a new restaurant whose prices are lower and the atmosphere more festive in comparison with the former. Only need to find a place that meets your needs, because there is a huge variety of restaurants, cafeterias, and other establishments for every taste and budget. In case of rainy weather you can take a tent or to have a special place with a roof (gazebo at the cottage). If you advance thought the cataclysms of nature and other possible obstacles on the day of birth, then nothing can discourage, and, hence, the mood remains festive.
Arrange a feast for himself. Usually the birthday boy is trying to please the guests. At this time, please yourself. You know that you will be able to raise the mood – go to the concert of your favorite band, you can order a gift subscription to rides, visit a beauty salon, etc.
No desire to entertain guests who, without warning, came to congratulate - refer to the services of entertainers, clowns, magicians, etc. Professionals will amuse not only the guests but also on your face will cause the widest smile.
Send SMS with your own greeting and your favorite songs on the radio in the program "At your request". DJ will announce congratulation to the whole country and you will learn not only the inner circle, but all the listeners of this radio station.