The birth of a child is one of the most important events in a woman's life. So to congratulate her I want the most memorable and interesting way. All possible expressions of joy and gratitude already used by men of all ages, but for girlfriend a special ritual: she needs to emphasize that this event it is not less significant than for new moms.

Interesting ways of greetings

In addition to the joyous, free and beautiful postcards with a poetic wishes, you can fabricate colorful poster and place it in the house of a friend, waiting for her return from the hospital. A young mother will be pleased if her apartment will be festively decorated: decorated with flowers, balloons, and other attributes of the occasion.

It is possible to make a great product in the style of scarpbooking. You will need to buy a photo album of medium size and decorate it with various decor. For congratulations on the birth of a daughter would suit children's themes. You can use a variety of rhinestones, sequins, lace and beautiful fabrics. On the cover of the album you need to place a flat beautiful photo frame, which will show off a photo of your friend with her little girl. Albums style scarpbooking decorated with different natural materials: stones (can be rented for aquarium decoration), with twigs, fusing (melting furnace glass).

Another way to congratulate her friend on the birth of her daughter – to make a long ribbon of poetry and other heartfelt wishes all the best and good health to the mother and the baby. Each of the congratulations should be decorated originally and beautifully. Together they should form a small "cushion" that you want to tie a pink ribbon and put in the right size box. You can be sure that a friend will read all comments and remember those first happy days after the birth of her daughter.

Where to find greeting texts

The Internet has many resources where varianty of congratulations from friends. In the departments of stationery, you can browse the cards and choose the best wishes to this celebration. For anybody not difficult perezimovali finished the poem so that it successfully blended the names of mothers and daughters. The greeting should be memorable and original. You can also accompany the presentation of gifts.