Prince, white horse, all things

Without love wishes in this matter anywhere. Besides, who else than a best friend, know about matters of the heart. So I want to meet my soul mate (the real Prince on a white horse, pumped up athlete, fine gentleman for those who like it more). However, if a friend is already an object of adoration, of course, need to wish you success in the development of their relationship, trust, reliability, loyalty.


No matter how successfully developed a personal life, daily routine activities should not be forgotten. If the friend still in high school or undergrad, wish good ratings and easy learning will never be over. Less homework, tests or easy questions in the examinations, the machines at the credits – you name it. If the girl is already running, you may wish for career growth and more prizes.


Only best friends can joke each other and not be afraid that these jokes, they would be offended. So in this case. Humorous form of greeting has long been popular all more interesting to read a brief and light humorous moments than officious poetry and prose. You can even make it visual: comic etc.

About the birthday girl

Here you can wish what you friend for a long time and she genuinely wants. This, of course, can be material things, such as the latest smartphone or a handbag from the new collection of the popular designer. But it could also be that she wants a change or purchase (lose weight/gain weight, improve self-esteem, become more patient, etc.). However, in such moments you have to be careful – sometimes these wishes may seem offensive, so you can present them in comic form. But most often it is nice when they write "stay just like/just as I am" - that is, thus it is said that in this man all like and do not want to change anything. Especially nice to hear from a very close person, whom is best friend, she knows everything from the advantages and disadvantages of the ending.

Whatever the wish may be, the main thing that it came from the heart. To your main holiday friend wants to hear only the pleasant and joyful from her relatives. As they say, the main thing – not gift, and attention.