Surely, with a close friend you communicate often enough and tight. In the course of communication for some time until the day of birth , try implicit ways to find out from her what she would most like to obtain on holiday. Maybe she needed something.
If you can't see behind the scenes that she would like to have on the day of birth, try to have girlfriends to ask about this directly. Of course, communication must be quite a trusting and open. If there is the slightest suspicion that the friend may be offended by such openness, it is better not to do it.
When a gift is thought out and purchased, think about accompanying elements: the postcard, the colors, the balloons and so on. If you are going with a gift to give flowers, think about how does it is your friend. It may seem strange, there is a category of girls and women, not the best way related to flowers.
The postcard can be store-bought, and can be made with your own hands. It is embedded not only imagination, but also a piece of your soul.
Think about the lyrics. Try to create an original greeting that will be written in the card, and also think about the verbal greeting in presenting the gift. It can depend not only on the intended wishes, but also who will be present. For example, your congratulations to friend will be quite different in the presence of a large noisy group and private.
And finally, remember to congratulate a friend with a day of birth is best obtained in the case that the letter will really lift your spirits. Let your friend feel good part in her life and the availability of support from your side at any time. Add to this all a little humor and you get great congratulation!