If it's just someone you see rarely, to congratulate the girl with the day of birth on the phone, and better without the help of "self-made" poems, which can be found on the Internet. Write her words of greetings in SMS or just call and Express your desires.
If the girl is a close friend, make her a nice surprise that will definitely put her in the mood in the morning – book a delivery service with a bouquet of flowers, which the messenger along with a card handed to her upon awakening, at your appointed hour. Believe me, such a gift to be remembered forever. A telephone flower delivery service can be found in the directory service of your city or the Internet. Many firms are engaged in the delivery of flowers in all cities of Russia.
If a girl beloved or close relative, to the colors that you of course hand personally, and you can add any gift. Greatly facilitate the selection of gift certificates for a certain amount, which can be purchased in the shops of cosmetics or underwear. This will allow you not to be mistaken with a choice, because sometimes, guess favorite perfume, lipstick color or clothing size for men is not easy.
If you know what kind of gift the girl wants, then everything is just buy it and give. But in that case, yet if your finances do not allow you to give it this, give her a handmade cosmetics that is made from natural ingredients – soap, cream, "bombs" for bath, which is always useful.
In any case, try to find for her the warmest and most sincere words that will be the best greeting.