You will need
  • - cash;
  • - a little imagination
Try to access the friend's apartment in her absence. For example, when she goes to work, ask for the keys from her parents to surprise you. If a girl does not work, someone from the friends will have to distract her, and you use that time to prepare a gift.
Decorate the room with balloons, cards, garlands, flowers or toys. Most importantly - be guided by her tastes. You can create a likeness of another world and a festive evening to get into him. For example, decorate a room in soft pink colors, giving her the appearance of a toy house, Barbie, and arrange a real doll bachelorette party, trying on different outfits, dancing and, of course, a festive tea party. Or dress up a Gypsy, and the evening will include energizing music, arrange dance parties, contests and fortune telling. Maybe you want to create an atmosphere of space and feel like a star on a planet surrounded by cute and funny aliens. In short, don't limit your imagination, and this evening will be unforgettable. The main thing that all the guests wanted to take part in this costume idea.
Arrange the original drawing. Purchase beautiful envelope or print it to a printer. Write a letter, put inside the money or letter. Think of a non-existent name and on its behalf to sign the envelope. You can send a friend by mail or courier delivery order.
Pre-agreed with a radio that they recorded at a certain time to incorporate your greetings. Be sure to read beautiful poetry, and as musical gift, order your favorite song of your girlfriend. Surprise your girlfriend a pleasant surprise, turning on a radio at the appointed hour.
If the celebration will be held in a cafe or restaurant, take care of the decoration of the tables. Order your secret girlfriend a small and colorful performance. It can be your favorite songs of the birthday girl, a humorous concert or a strip show. Agree with the host institution on the application of any special effects.
If desired, you can set up shop in a club, Billiards, bowling and other entertainment centers and fun to spend time there, not forgetting to fall asleep girlfriend compliments, greetings and gifts.