To refund on receipt , please contact the court with a claim. Gather the necessary evidence that people owe you.
In a debt receipt, you must specify all data of the borrower:
- surname, name, patronymic
- series and number of passport
- address of permanent residence, place of actual residence
- date of birth
- contact numbers
- specify the amount of debt in figures and words
- the date of the loan
- the date of return of the debt
- return policy
- the date of the receipt
- below is the personal signature of the borrower, with the written transcript.
You need to specify your data: surname, name, patronymic, series and number of passport, address of registration and residence, the amount of the loan, specify in figures and words, specify the period for which you borrowed the cash put your signature.
In the receipt should indicate the personal data of at least two witnesses.
Transfer money in front of witnesses. It would be a powerful argument for the return of the debt through the courts.
To assure the receipt at the notary preferably, but not necessarily. The fact of writing receipts by hand is a sufficient argument for debt collection.
If the debtor refuses to acknowledge receipt, then you have to apply for handwriting analysis. Why it is so important a condition of writing receipts by hand, and not the printout.
But judgment you can apply to the special law firm to repay debt.
In a statement to the court or law the company must specify the amount of the principal debt, the amount of interest to be refunded, the amount of your expenses for the court and lawyers.
To return money through court is possible, even without receipts. The main thing that was witnesses by transfer of money.