Until the registration and the issuance of official birth certificates to boys and girls served under the policy of the mother. However, the official metric requires urgent treatment in any chosen parents or guardians licensed insurance company to obtain the so-called medical insurance, the form and structure of which is no different from a policy designed for an adult.
Officially newborns have every right to any medical care for three months after the moment of birth, however, the specialists of insurance companies and pediatricians warn that the process of obtaining a private insurance policy does not require a delay, because after the said period, milorganite be obliged to put the official invoice for all their services.
In order to get insurance one of the parents of the child must be presented to the selected agent of the company's official birth certificate and baby's passport, which in this case is the main document confirming the right of representation in the presence of SNILS better to capture him.
The mere application for registration of the document can be filled in the chosen insurance company with the direct participation of a specialist, and prepared at home. It lists and details of the child and personal information of his legal parents or representatives. Today is very busy dads and moms can replace native grandparents and other relatives, which in the presence of the simple written form of proxy may be in the insurance on behalf of the parents of the child, taking all the aforesaid papers and documents. It is also necessary to say that at the time of receiving a provisional certificate of the child it is desirable to prescribe, however, today the insurance company practice and policy official place of residence of one of parents of the baby.
At the time of the signing of the Declaration on the hands of representatives passed the so-called provisional certificate, official form which guarantees centrally decorated indefinite policy and the ability to obtain a complete list of all medical services guaranteed by the system of free health insurance from the state. On the time of receipt of the permanent policy will tell you how the expiration date of the provisional certificate and the official notice sent to the selected insurance company.
No matter whether you choose a Central office for insurance or one of its official representatives, more importantly, to the medical facility collaborated with this company and have had a valid contract funding.
In small towns, and especially in the villages insurance companies have their representative in the building of hospitals and clinics, it is very convenient for young parents to go anywhere is not necessary. Often already from the walls of the hospital moms come with a complete set of documents for the baby.