The medpolicy newborn document, similar to health policy, issued to an adult. It gives you the opportunity to receive free medical care and is linked to the district health facilities according to actual place of residence.

What you will need to obtain medpolicy

You first need to obtain the birth certificate of the baby. Give it to the Registrar's office during the period from the date of birth of the child until the execution to him of one month. The certificate is required to have with you at the time of treatment in the health insurance organization (HIO). It is possible to provide photocopies of the document and not the original.

You must also present a passport of the father or mother of the child, with a mark about registration in a certain place of residence. Well, and then fill in a special statement on the established pattern for receiving medpolicy. If the registration is for a toddler not yet executed, the address of actual residence is recorded in the statement according to the parent, and medical insurance of the newborn is tied to the district hospital at the place of residence.

The timing of the receipt of the policy

The receipt policy is a simple procedure that does not require a huge collection of documents and daily vystaivaniya in queues. Meanwhile, the period for which health insurance will be, quite varied. It all depends on the insurance company that we are the parents of the child. The choice of SMO is not limited, but in some organizations the policy is issued immediately, within half an hour after treatment, while others can process documents up to 30 calendar days, providing this temporary period policy. When providing temporary medpolicy it is required to put down a time within which it is valid, and the date when you want to apply for the permanent policy.

In any case, to proceed with the furnishing of this document does not follow, as free assistance in medical institutions of a newborn can get only in the first three months of his life. At the end of this period, in the absence of medpolicy in the newborn, clinics lawfully require payment for their services.

As a rule, the filing of an application for the issue of compulsory health insurance and obtaining the document is a total of no more than one day. The only unpleasant aspect of this case is likely to stand for some time in a queue at an insurance company. But again, it all depends on the choice of the organization.