Prepare materials – large balloons with two tails on both sides, small balloons with one tail, as well as a mood foil.
In order for your song to be sustainable, dial in a little balloon with water, tie it up nicely and wrap in aluminum foil and tied and straightened her ponytail around the globe. Take the first big balloon, inflate it and tie the tail with a hole to inflate the tail to the balloon with water that serves as a load.
Then inflate one large balloon and tie it to the top of the closed tail of the first large ball. On the same principle others inflate large balloons and tie them for the top and bottom tails of a chain. In the chain must be an even number of balls. The last ball, same as first, just link the tail of the cargo.
Now take two small balloons, inflate them and tie with each other. Inflate and tie two balls, and then connect them to the previous, creating a cluster of four balloons. Count the number of bridges between big balls that you have linked in a chain.
Make the same number of "fours" from small balls. When everything is ready, start to attach bundles of four balls to the bridges between big balls, small balls twisting around the large.
Give your design a heart shape, connecting its two halves. Additionally, you can decorate the heart with ribbons, beads and other decorative items.
Heart of balloons attached to the wall of the room on double-sided tape.