Refuse contraception

Отказ от контрацептивовThe first thing to do is to abandon any methods of contraception in addition to barrier. To do so, preferably no later than 3 months before the planned conception. It is necessary to restore the monthly cycle women and normalize hormonal levels.

Get fit

Спорт для беременныхThe expectant mother must be in good physical shape to carry a child. Someone needs to lose weight, and someone- to get better. It is necessary for the prevention of diseases of metabolism. Obese women often suffer from hypertension, and in the later stages of gestosis, which may be adversely affected by the condition of the child. Too thin women simply can't get pregnant, because the exhausted body simply will not allow to bear children, which in itself is a stress for the female body. Also be sure to get tested for infection.

Reconsider habits and nutrition

Вредные привычки и беременностьStop Smoking and consumption of alcohol need not only the expectant mother but also the father. Should be reduced and the consumption of coffee. Take a couple of vitamin-mineral complexes. The woman extra for the same 3 months before conceiving should take folic acid.

Tune to the positive

Love the future child, bright attitude will help to overcome the difficulties through which the majority of women in 9 months. If you cannot wait to understand whether there has come the conception, you will notice the first signs of pregnancy.

How to find out that she is pregnant

Как узнать что беременнаOften the symptoms of pregnancy similar to symptoms of some diseases. Already on day 6 after conception in some women there is pain in the chest, their small increase. Perhaps the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen after sexual intercourse, which is associated with the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall. Change in taste, stomach discomfort in the morning for several days can also be linked with the ensuing pregnancy. To accurately determine the pregnancy will only be possible with the help of the test or the test for human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood.