First of all, let us remember the saying from childhood that you need to eat in silence, and eat in accordance with this statement, that is, not talking, otherwise the stomach gets air.
Reduce consumption of beverages containing gases.
After a meal do not lie down just relax, take a walk.
If you like bean products and use them quite often, you have to make them special. Before cooking, it is desirable to macerate. In this case, they lose some of their gas-forming properties.
Sorbents will help you reduce discomfort in the intestine with overeating foods containing excess gases. Any doctor in this case recommends a medication containing simethicone, as it crushes the air bubbles in the intestine. Also take drugs and products containing bifidobacteria.
Flatulence is not always caused by dietary habits, in some cases, the cause of this process is considered a specific disease. If in your case this is true, then contact your doctor who will prescribe you a special treatment. This course will focus not on getting rid of the gas, but to get rid of the disease itself, will disappear resulting in discomfort in the gut.
For getting rid of increased gas formation will definitely review your daily diet, reducing the amount of the following products: potatoes and other raw vegetables, fresh bread, dough, beer, and apples.
The primary means of helping to get rid of gassingis activated carbon. The dose of this medication is 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. It removes toxins from the body.
Try some folk remedies. For example, take 3-4 hours before eating dill water (half a Cup). Or infusion of parsley, which need to be taken throughout the day in equal portions (about 200 ml).The main thing is to determine the cause of increased gas formation in accordance with this elect method of getting rid of unpleasant sensations.