The most popular methods

Intestinal colic is a common phenomenon which is observed in newborns from the third week of life. It is not a pathology but a kind of adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract to "worldly" food. According to pediatricians, imperfect digestive system of the baby is not able to cope with this problem, as it is unable to produce enzymes needed to process food.

A very popular method of getting rid of the crumbs from the gases is forcing the tummy warm diaper or towel. This technique is good because the muscles of the intestine relaxes by heat, and, as a consequence, the spasms disappear. It is important that the cloth is not too hot.

The tub with warm water is also an effective way of combating colic. However, its disadvantage is that it is not applicable immediately after eating when jeep starts to "activated". After water procedures should briefly put the baby on his tummy and then back, carefully cradling his knees to his chest.

One of the most effective tools in the fight against colic is abdominal massage. Soft strokes in a clockwise direction will help to calm spasms and release the accumulated gases. The main thing – not to cause the baby pain, how swollen the belly is very sensitive.

Radical methods

The vapor tube – a radical method to relieve newborn colic, the use of which is rational only in the case where folk remedies are powerless. The principle of their operation is quite simple – they are inserted into the anus of a toddler for removal of accumulated gases. To abuse this procedure should not be, otherwise you can damage the rectum of the baby.

Modern medicine offers many medications designed specifically for relief of newborn colic. The most common ones are: "Riabal", "Espumizan", "Bebinos", "Plantex", etc. Before they use to be try more gentle broth – "dill water", based on the fennel. It has a sweet taste and promotes the removal of gas, but its effectiveness depends on the individual baby.

In most cases the digestion of the child by the fourth month of life is normalized by itself. If this does not happen or symptoms to disturb the crumbs too often, it is necessary to consult a specialist.