The first thing to do is to reconsider its attitude to the products. Each of them should be treated as if you see it for the first time. This means that there is a need in small portions, experimentally verifying that will give your child a reaction or not. Monitor the reaction takes about one day. And intolerance of the product will not necessarily translate into colic baby, it can be constipation, diarrhea or allergic reactions.
Necessary to exclude heavy drinking – Banquet tables with these rich and nutritious salads, as herring under a fur coat, Mimosa, etc. these foods can easily cause problems with the stomach of the baby.
Looking at their reaction to different products. For example, if you have seen the bloating, and the baby it will likely be.
Immediately after birth will have to abandon the following products: canned food, citrus fruits, sauerkraut, grapes, tomatoes, sausage, chocolate. They have the effect of fermentation, which naturally leads to increased gas formation in the intestines of the mother, and in the intestine of the child.
To prevent abdominal cramps is best to include in your diet vegetables (especially the stew), dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt), apples (green and baked), bread with bran or grain, whole cereals, cooked in milk, boiled meat, eggs (in moderation), soups, crackers.
Do not worry that the diet is now your constant power. First, with age, the intestines of the baby becomes more Mature and so the food does not react. Secondly, over time you will learn to understand what is causing your child's bloating and cramps and eliminate only these foods. For example, the baby is almost guaranteed to be colic, if you drink the brew. So, this drink is for the period of breastfeeding have to give.
Also watch the number of servings reflects on kolikoobraznae the child. Maybe 2-3 of the grapes he did not even feel, but from a pound immediately go down in crying.