Poodles - Champions the abundance of hairstyles which you can implement on their hair. As a rule, these dogs are cut with scissors and electric clippers.
The easiest option hairstyles for poodle is ultra-short hair on the paws (like socks) and the muzzle, and moderately long hair all over the rest of the body. On the head you can make a beautiful hat, and the hair on the ears gently to straighten.
No less popular is the haircut "beneath the lion". For this it is necessary to completely remove the hair on the hind legs, except for the hock - there is a need to make a POM-POM. Next, the wool is removed from the rump, belly, and groin. A tail cut out with such a view to the end also get a nice pompom. After that you should smoothly cut out the muzzle, flews and two-thirds of the throat (oval or V-shaped). Cut out the front legs as well as back, given the POM-poms. Hair on chest, neck, and fore part of back podmanivaya in the form of a lion's mane. Top of the head is made beautiful hat.
Very popular with owners of poodles and Anglo-Saxon haircut. The front part of the trunk echoes the haircut "beneath the lion". On the feet, snout and throat hair cut out completely using typewriter. On the back, rump and in the groin it is necessary to leave the wool length of 1-2 cm Wool, which forms a mane, just gently straighten. With tail wool to clean thoroughly.
These are just a few options haircuts poodle. Using the imagination from the coat of these dogs can do real masterpieces. If you are going to participate with your pet in exhibitions, you should find an experienced groomer who knows the exhibition canons haircuts poodles. If you bought a dog just for fun, we can restrict haircut at the usual zoo-hairdresser or place the dog yourself.
When self-grooming poodle should bear in mind that for dogs, this procedure is not very pleasant, so you have to be patient. Teach your dog to grooming gradually, constantly praise and treat treat. Initially, it will be difficult to do a full haircut at a time. Do not worry! The more patience and kindness you put into the process, the sooner you will get great results and stunning hairstyle for your pet!