Nickname poodle can pick up with reference to external features of the dog. For instance, levick is the link to the hair, resembling a lion, or Pusik (Fluffy), the name accentuates the soft, fluffy fur. The nickname pretty boy said about the exterior, and sometimes how purebred dogs.
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To call the poodle in honor of the predecessors who have glorified this breed. For example, using characters of works of art. Mafic – in semantics of the word incorporated information about what is in the image of a poodle Mephistopheles appeared to Faust. Brutus – the name poodle, an instructive poem of Heinrich Heine, "a good dog".
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A nickname can be associated with certain historical events. For example, the obvious one is the sunglasses is the name resembles the name of a regiment during the Italian war, who, unwilling to part with their Pets and hid them in the drums. Hence it is possible to produce a different name, for example, the change drum. Revolyushka – poodle - dog "Revolution", a popular breed in the French army of Napoleon. Duelist (Dalmec) - in medieval Italy, the owners taught the poodles to pee at the house of the enemy, thus calling for a duel. Mastic Italian artists used poodles, so they were entertained by models, during the artistic process. Moustache – black poodle, a favorite of the French troops, who took part in the battles of Marengo and Austerlitz. Barbul – dog, with a sad fate, also participated in the hostilities.
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The name of your poodle may be a reference to the dogs of celebrities. Zapico (Topic) is a favorite pet of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. Although this dog's name is not particularly resonant in the Russian language. Wagner (abbreviated as Vager) or a Musician – is reminiscent of the poodle, which Richard Wagner took at the rehearsal of the orchestra. The dog reacted to the hypocrisy in the game of loud barking. Copinger (Penger, Charger) – nickname, says that the poodle is the breed that loved Schopenhauer. He had a dog Buts, which in moments of joy called Adenom ("World soul"). Barocco – dog Benvenuto Cellini, the famous goldsmith of the Renaissance. Any of these nicknames is quite suitable for your pet.
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