Before reaching two months of age the little poodle needs to be fed six times a day. The basis of the diet should be milk porridge: semolina, millet, oat and rice. To provide the body of the puppy with necessary vitamins, cereals should be alternated with soups based on vegetables. Food should not be too hot or cold, and the serving size should be such that the puppy could eat the whole thing, leaving no leftovers.
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Puppies aged two to four months allowed five meals a day, then up to five months – four, and by six months the number of meals should be reduced to three times. Starting at two months of age in the diet of a puppy can add meat and fish and raw liver (beef or chicken) in small amounts. From foods containing protein, puppym is also recommended to give cow's milk, and uglevodosoderzhaschie food – buckwheat.
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From this age the puppy can begin to give the cartilage and bone of sugar. However, in no case do not give the puppy a bone poultry or fish. Also banned should be sausages, ham, as well as too spicy foods. In addition, you should not give puppym meat broth or cooked on its basis, as this may adversely affect the quality of wool. And not to cause problems with the stomach, the puppy should not give a lot of eggs – no more than two units a week.
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To prevent the development of rickets, the food puppy you should add chalk, calcium glycerophosphate, phosphoric lime and vitamin D that promotes calcium absorption. Also puppym will be useful for calcined curds, which for variety, you can serve the cheesecakes. The cheese should give the puppy at least twice a week.
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To the body the puppy has received the necessary vitamins in his diet should always include fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables can be served as a salad, dressed with a small amount of vegetable oil or sour cream.
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