Advice 1: How to plant cherry

Cherry early maturing, and reveals fruit season. However, it is the southern culture, so clear she might die from the cold. If your climate happens the frost below 25 degrees, then try to graft a cherry to a cherry shrub. Received a dwarf tree will be easier to maintain in the winter.
Cherry survives well on cherry
You will need
  • For kopulirovka knife
  • Pruner
  • Plastic (or insulating) tape
  • Garden var or clay
  • Package polyethylene
  • Peg
  • String
Select the appropriate rootstock (crop cherries) and Scion (cuttings for grafting cherries). Many gardeners choose bushy cherry varieties such as "Late rose", "lighthouse" or "Ural ruby". In cold areas it is recommended to take cuttings more hardy cherries (e.g., "Red tight" or "Fatezh"). Their flower buds can withstand even minus 30 degrees.
Start vaccination of cherries at the end of may – beginning of April, the time of active SAP flow in plants. It is very important to choose the right place. The soil beneath a small two-year-old) shoots of the cherry should be fertile, but not too fertilized. She needs to grow in a Sunny position (for example, South of the summer house), on a small hill and protected from the cold wind.
Use for grafting cherries so-called improved topolyovka. To do this:
• SNiP the stem of the cherry with two kidneys to a length of about 20 centimeters. The cut should be oblique.
• Sharpen Coulibaly (grafting) knife so that when you press it is easy to cut a stack of several paper sheets.
• At a distance of about 20 centimeters from the surface of the earth make cherry longitudinal section-the"tongue" with a depth of about an inch.
• Exactly the same "tongue" make the Scion – at a distance of 1/3 part of the slice.
• Connect the "reeds" so that tightly one came after another.
Tie place the grafted cherry thin ribbon of polyethylene. You can use electrical tape, but only glue the top. Then vaccinated lubricate garden pitch or clay. Put on top of the plastic bag and cut off a small corner for ventilation. Tie the bag with twine. About the middle of July (when a increases) slightly loosen the harness.
Remove the package, when the Scion will be the first leaves. Below grafted cuttings need to remove all new shoots – so the cherries will spend the better and faster will begin to bear fruit.
Useful advice
By the beginning of November (very carefully so as not to break the Bush!) bend the tree to the ground and attach to the peg. Some gardeners leave vaccinated tied up until spring. In the following autumn and winter seasons, strong bushes can be bend and to press the boards. Before frosts, they should be well covered with snow.

Advice 2: How to protect the harvest of sweet cherries and cherries from birds

Fragrant and juicy berries cherries and cherry love not only the growers but also birds living in the suburban area or near it. In order not to lose your crop, you can use different methods of scaring.
how to protect crops from birds

When the birds hatched Chicks, then they start to bring them tiny pieces of sweet and juicy berries. So little by little, piece by piece, these birds can peretaskat in their nests the entire crop, leaving growers with nothing. And adult starlings, sparrows and other birds that like to eat cherries or cherry.

To scare away birds from their fruit trees, many gardeners put up scarecrows, windmills, various rattles or hang shiny computer disks or foil. I must say that the stuffed birds quickly get used to it and hardly pay any attention to them as to other similar attributes in the garden.

To ward off birds from fruit trees, you can buy ultrasonic otpugivateli. Good help in this case, fishing net or tulle draped over the crown of the trees. This Christmas decoration like rain, also protects the crop. He flutters and rustles in the wind, birds are afraid to sit on the branches of trees. The protection of the crown of fruit trees covering material also gives good results.

The ordinary bobbin thread No. 10 scare away birds, so to protect your harvest, wrap them in branches of trees. Experiments were conducted that showed that the black or white thread bring the birds into confusion and panic and well discourage them from fruit trees.

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