Plum is better to plant the crown of the same plants, not other stone fruit tree.
Start a good graft. It is necessary to begin in early spring, during the thaw, before the leaves. The cuttings should be cut and put in heat to thawed. However there are varieties that are well grafted onto an apricot. Plum need to vaccinate before the onset of her ten years of age. The simplest and very effective for plums is a way of instilling the bark.
To start sharpen your special grafting knife. Train to do the cut the wild branches to the desired cutting everything turned out. The cut must be smooth, without indent. The length and width of the slice must be the same on the handle and the tree. The crust should get a detailed cut with two right angles. This is not to damage the wood. On the handle need to leave two buds.
Select in a tree the best place in this case to spare the tree is not necessary. The closer the place of inoculation to the base of the branch, the better. At the base of the branch, more nutrients, and therefore better, and splicing.
Place of strapping wrapped on top of the stalk is covered with a piece of tape over it and wear a paper hat. To remove the protection, you can after a film appears first leaves. After inoculation, the tree should be fertilized with a fertilizer to improve the growing season.
All summer below the site of inoculation need to remove the shoots of the rootstock that they are not drowned out by the Scion.
If vaccination is done properly, success is guaranteed in eighty percent of cases.