You will need
  • - several varieties of cherries and cherry;
  • - pots;
  • scissors for trimming branches;
  • garden putty;
  • shelter from rodents;
  • - manure, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.
For successful cross-pollination and subsequent fruit set in the garden are planted 2 – 3 varieties of cherry or cherry, and flowering periods which coincide with the flowering cherries.
The area should be protected from the North wind. It is advisable to put the cherry on the gentle southern and southwestern slopes. You can place trees on the South side of the building on a small hill (but not on a hill). Hill can create, raising the soil level by half a meter.
For planting cherries are not suitable, heavy clay and peaty soils and deep sand. The land must be fertile, light, medium loam or sandy loam rich in moisture (but not standing water) and air. In this case, when a sufficient amount of precipitation cherries can not watering. However, in extremely dry periods, the cherries need to "drink" two times to berry and two times after that.
Young trees grow very fast, and every year should be shortened progresiva crown. Pruning is carried out only in early spring before the buds swell. When the sanitary removal of broken, dry and diseased branches is necessary to clean and treat outdoor putty slices. Also extremely spring spend feeding trees fresh manure and nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers. In addition, in spring and autumn the trunks of cherries it is necessary to bleach at the base, and in the winter the bottom of the trees is to hide from rodents.