Grafting of plants is a procedure that requires special knowledge and skills. Thanks to professional actions of specialists of the two different plants become one organism, which can improve its properties. Using vaccination can be grown in a small garden plot of different varieties, with some fruit trees. With the correct choice of rootstock is possible to make cultural varieties of properties, frost resistance, resistance to drought, disease or pests.

When you need to plant trees

The best time for grafting is in spring or early summer, when the plants are in active SAP flow. Experienced gardeners there are some subtleties that allow them to determine the right time. Attention is directed to the lunar calendar showing the moon phase and location in the zodiac signs, as well as the temperature outside. Vaccination is best carried out in cool, cloudy day, auspicious days the lunar calendar.

The best period for vaccination is the time when SAP flow has just begun, but the kidneys have not yet blossomed. Until grafting scions (cuttings for grafting) need to be kept cold. Best of all, they are preserved in the snow. If the graft has gone into growth or blackened, moldy – for the Scion, he will not do.

It is undesirable to use as rootstock Mature tree, if it is older than 10 years, as too great a risk of unsuccessful vaccinations, because the SAP flow in these trees are weakened. The most popular methods of vaccination – budding (Bud grafting) and grafting cuttings.

Grafting cuttings

This method provides the following methods:

- wrasse;
- polurama;
- method of topolyovka.

Use this method to create new branches on the tree, when changing varieties and for the preservation of wood, which for some reason were corrupted.

The most popular is the method of budding. Budding can be performed at different times: in the spring, when the buds only started to grow and summer, when they are already well formed, but the SAP flow in the tree is still active.

How to conduct inoculation by budding

Select the rootstock plant and the Scion. On the Scion you need to choose the right kidney and cut it sharp disinfected knife, without affecting the fabric of the tree.

On the bark of the rootstock need to make a T-shaped incision and insert the flap with the kidney. After this, the vaccination site need to gloss over the garden pitch and wrap the tape or film.

There are other effective methods of vaccination, but in any case, you need to be attentive to the time of their conduct, the choice of timber, preparation of cuttings and garden tools. These conditions are essential for the quality of the vaccinations.