You will need
  • - seedling cherries;
  • - mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • water;
  • - humus.
The beauty of the cherry not only in its good taste, useful berries, but that it bears fruit annually. Unlike Apple, not every summer and autumn spoil an excellent harvest. Cherry gives more berries than cherries.
Decide on the grade. For the suburbs breeders brought several types. They have different timing of fruiting. If you want to harvest before the plant varieties: "Radica", "Cheremshanka", "Iput". You can plant a tree mid-ripening varieties: "Tyutchevka", "Poetry", "Fatezh", "Orel pink", "Dawn Zhukov" or "Revno". Fans of the late varieties should pay attention to the "Bryansk pink" and "Michurinskiy late". These varieties of cherries in the suburbs overwinter well and give excellent yields.
Plant a tree in the spring or fall. In the first period do it from the end of April for may 7-10. The second longer period – from mid-September to late October.
It is important to choose the optimum landing site. Since the cherry comes from the southern regions, do not place the seedling in the open, where it will be windy. For this reason is not suitable and open hills. Place trees near the South side of the house, high fence, departing from these structures 3-4 meters.
The groundwater level should not be high. If you have sandy or peat soil, add clay. If clay, then add peat and sand.
Dig a hole with a diameter 70 and a depth of 60 cm, Put 3 buckets of compost, 60 g of superphosphate (or phosphate) and potassium sulfate. The latter is easy to replace wood ash in the amount of 500 grams.
Stir the contents of the shovel pits. From top to pour a little light soil in the form of a mound. Put it on a plant, spread the roots. If it is with closed root system, be careful not to damage the soil kom. Pour on top of a light fertile earth so that the root collar was above the soil surface.
Pour on tree trunks 2-3 buckets of warm water. If the land subsided, mix in a little soil.
Cherry loves a spring top dressing with nitrogen fertilizers. For that reason, in mid-April to plug in tree trunks, 30 grams of urea or dissolve this fertilizer in a bucket of water and watered the tree.
During the formation of flowers feed the tree not only nitrogen, but also phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, adding 30 grams of potassium sulfate and double superphosphate in a 10 litre bucket of water. There put 800 grams of manure, or 500 – bird droppings.
After harvest and at the end of August do 2 feedings in the previous recipe, but without the manure and bird droppings. These solutions will help the cherries to winter in the suburbs.