You will need
  • Zoned seedling black cherry, pillar, wood, tag, garden tools.
Determine the location on the site for a future tree. Cherry likes light, fertile soil. Die or weakly fruit trees planted in the lowlands with standing water and cold air, and in windy areas. For good fruiting on the plot it is necessary to have at least two of the cherry tree, as the flowers they semisterile.
In the fall prepare for cherries seat. Tend to place seedlings uplotnenia through 3M. From the pit 70х70х60 cm remove the ground, to arrange drainage (in clay soils). On poorly cultivated plots in the planting hole, make 3 buckets of compost and a quart jar of ash. Mix with the excavated fertile soil and leave until spring.
Early spring purchase zoned for your area seedlings. Ask, what is the culture of sweet cherry grafted and fruiting periods of selected varieties.
On the bottom of the hole before planting the seedling, place the reference column. Tie him to a sapling, because a two-year saplings of black cherry are quite large. If the tree will be formed in the shape of a fan, you will need a support system of wires.
Freely post in the pit the roots of the seedling so that they are not intertwined. The root collar should be slightly above soil level. Liberally pour tree. When the earth is a little settled, the root collar will be at the level of the soil. Over mulch the ground under the sapling. This will prevent a strong loss of moisture and slow weed growth.
Be sure to attach the plant tag with the name of the class. A paper tag nursery replace with plastic or metal. Ring tag should not tightly clasp the branch, otherwise it summer will cut into the bark.