For example, if you want to instill a peach. Someone may raise the question, why bother to cultivate the peach? This crop has good drought tolerance, but winter hardiness in peach low. And if you instill the shaft of the peach on another, more winter-hardy culture, you can get's a fruit tree that can withstand even the cold of the middle band. The best rootstock for peach is apricot. In the second place the young peach tree grown from seeds. Third place goes to drain.

Rootstock and Scion

Grafted the stalk, which is cut from a peach tree of the necessary grade, possessing all the qualities of the parent. Rootstocks will perform an apricot tree. To graft the cuttings should be prepared. Vaccination will occur in the spring, but cuttings (best if there will be a few) are made in the autumn. In the late fall before frost cut with a fruiting peach varieties need the stalk, which is long on at least 12 cm is Cut diagonally, wrapped in material and kept in a cold basement.

If there is no basement, you can build a special shelter in the open air. Cuttings slightly dropwise earth sheltering insulation material, filled with sawdust and snow. So they are stored until spring. If cuttings are stored in the basement, where during the spring thaw may be too warm, they should get out of the basement and place in the refrigerator. It is important that the cutting ahead of time not started SAP and it is not moved to the vault or Prikope growth.


The day before the planned vaccination that needs to be done at the end of March, the cuttings are removed from the warehouse and inspected. Then choose rootstock apricot tree in two to three years. The next morning a special sharp knife or garden shears on the stem is oblique cut. The same cut, make and apricot, with a branch on the rootstock it is necessary to choose the same thickness as the Scion. The sections fit together tightly and are wrapped with electrical tape. The tape can be removed when the shaft will go up and its length will be 20 cm in This method the easiest is called topolyovka.

A little more complicated but more efficient method of inoculation. In this case, on the handle make the oblique cut, and the rootstock – section of the crust in the form of the letter T. the Stem cut is inserted under the bark and secure them with duct tape. The tape can be removed after a month. Grafted branch if it has grown, you need to crop above the site of inoculation, leaving her only a few of the kidneys.