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To determine the age of the turtle, count the rings on the edge of the shell. In young animals, which are under the age of two years, every six months, the shell is formed of two or three rings. Then the one ring appears every year.
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With age, the growth of turtles is slowing down. While the growth is intense, the sections of the carapace between the plates are bright, very bright. With age, the tortoise shell darkens. The carapace of adult turtles is getting stretched, young turtles, the carapace is round. European land turtle reaches sexual maturity by 3-5 years, Central Asian and later: males for 5-6 years, females to 10-14.
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You can try to determine the age of a turtle by the size of the shell. So the Central Asian land turtle B1 is the size of the shell, equal to 5 cm, 2 years - 6 cm 3 8 cm in 4 years – 9-10 cm in 5 years – 11-12 cm in 6 years – about 14 cm.
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The size slider turtles are different. Females 1 year have a length of carapace about 6 cm in 2 years — 9 cm, 3 years — 14 cm, 4 years — 16 cm, at the age of 5 - 18 cm, 6 years, about 20 cm Males, usually 2-4 cm smaller.
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The maximum lifetime slider aquatic turtles in captivity 35-50 years. They can reach a size 28-30 see tortoises can live up to 30 years.
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To determine the gender of a turtle can only be at the age of 6-8 years. This is best done in comparison with other tortoises.
In males the lower part of the carapace, plastron, closer to the tail are slightly concave. It is necessary that males it easier to be on top during mating. The lower end of the plastron in females is rounded, while for males has the shape of the letter V.
Males tortoises over long claws and femoral spurs. The cloaca in females is located closer to the tail, besides the females, as a rule, the hole in the plastron broader than in males.
Note the behavior of your turtles. Males are more active, even aggressive. Attack other turtles, trying to climb on top or flip. If your turtle often makes a distinctive wiggle the head up and down, then you have most likely male.