Prepare for confession at home. Take a pen and paper and write down all your sins remember for the last time. Who should go first deadly sins: pride, lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, anger, greed. If you're guilty of murder (abortion, the Church also believes murder), be sure to write down that sin in the beginning. Also list all their sinful acts, for example, viewing entertainment programs inappropriate content on television, visiting fortune tellers, and so on). Remember that this piece you can take with you to confession and read it. Sometimes the priest can take out of your hands with a sheet of sins, and he read them.
Find out when confession is held in the temple, where you want to go. As a rule, all the priests profess on Sunday, but the week can also be the Sacrament of confession. Going to Church, dress appropriately: for men's shirt or shirt with sleeves, no shorts. For women – skirt is not above knee length, headscarf, no makeup, at least lipstick, as you will need to attach his lips to the cross. In the temple, ask where confess, as a rule, the priest is a small place.
Be prepared for the fact that even before the confession, the priest will begin to ask you questions. For example, do you pray constantly, you think about God did not create yourself an idol. And also: not are with someone quarrel, and compliance with the conditions under which forgiveness of sins will enter into force. According to Church rules, these terms – faith in Christ, sincere repentance of all sins and hope to start after repentance a new sinless life.