Advice 1: How to write a confession

In the Christian culture of confession , one of the seven Holy Sacraments, in which man, the sinner in essence, tells his sins to the priest, receives forgiveness of visible and invisible is cleared from what hurts and does not live. Confession for believers – a place where you can tell about your pain. To confession Orthodox should be approached responsibly, it is desirable to prepare in advance.
How to write a confession
If you sin enough or did not manage to build a logical story-a statement of all that need to be forgiven, entrust your thoughts to paper. So you will not end up talking to a priest in the Church, especially if around other people.
Own conscience in preparation for confession compare with the ten Beatitudes, they are known to every believer since childhood, because quite often mentioned in everyday life. Remember, if you hide something in confession, the secret is not from the priest-man, but from Jesus Christ himself.
Making a list of sins, keep in mind the approximate list, which can be divided into three groups: sins against God (unbelief, the mention of the name of the Lord in vain, thoughts of suicide, ingratitude to God, playing cards, non-posts, and many others), sins against neighbors (arrogance, short temper, anger, revenge, sarcasm, quarrels with neighbors) and sins against himself (profanity, vanity, lying, drunkenness, adultery).
Do not be afraid of their own sins, they should in no way stand between you and a visit to the Church on confession. Remember that God wants the very desire of the soul to repentance.
Don't worry that the priest will be shocked or even amazed by the list of your unrighteous acts. Believe me, the Church saw no such sinners repenting their deeds. The priest, like anyone else, knows that people are weak and without God's help are unable to cope with demonic temptations.
If there are doubts about the reputation of the priest performing the Sacrament of confession, please note that confession remains in force no matter how sinful a priest is, provided that you repent to truly.
For the first confession the week choose a time when the temple is not so many people. You can ask in advance the advice of friends, to what priest and to what temple it is best to go with first confessionth. Respect other professing not closely next to the priest, and in any case do not be late to the beginning of the procedure, otherwise you will not be admitted to the Holy Sacrament.
For the future develop a nightly habit to analyze the events of the day and daily to repent before God, and the most serious sins record for a future confession. Be sure to apologize to all our neighbors who have offended, albeit unintentionally.
Women can not go to confession and to attend the temple at all in the period of the monthly purification.
Useful advice
Do not take confession as interrogation, and particularly the intimate details of personal life do not tell the priest in paints. A brief mention of them.

Advice 2: How to make a confession

Confession is a very serious step. It can be difficult to confess your negative actions, not only a stranger, but even to himself. This is a conversation with his conscience. And this conversation you need to prepare in advance, so if this is the last confession in your life.
How to make a confession
A specific structure of the confession is not. It is not necessary to speak about the sins in chronological order or according to severity. However, we need to put his thoughts in order. And to facilitate this process, make a small "cheat sheet" on the paper. Write about what compunction. As well as the events that led you to commit wrong act. But don't involve other people, you will confess your sins, not someone else's. Otherwise it will not be a confession, and condemnation, and sin. Do not try to justify himself, on the contrary, you need more to condemn, to accuse and denounce their acts to be forgiven. Your training – the first and very important part of confession.
The second part – the mystery. Don't be ashamed before the priest, professing you of your sins. Because the priest is only a mediator between you and God. The mystery of sacred confession, with confession information not be shared with anyone. Better to confess after the evening service, the priest will be able to give you more attention. Confess your sins openly and in detail. Don't hold anything back, you must sincerely regret their deeds. About each sin should be discussed separately. Not enough to say, "sinful", it is important to call sins by their names: gluttony, adultery, greed, pride. To help you gather your thoughts, the priest may ask you, have you committed a particular sin. If you did not do this, you should not answer: "maybe Yes." And not talking about what you did, without question professing you, otherwise it will look like bragging.
It is not necessary every time to talk about one and the same sin, if you once professed. Should confess with sorrow, regret and contrition about sins, but not with equanimity, or even with a smile. The priests to confess at least once in two weeks. No matter what age you came to the temple, if this is your first confession, then the sins are confessed, starting from the age of seven.
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