A specific structure of the confession is not. It is not necessary to speak about the sins in chronological order or according to severity. However, we need to put his thoughts in order. And to facilitate this process, make a small "cheat sheet" on the paper. Write about what compunction. As well as the events that led you to commit wrong act. But don't involve other people, you will confess your sins, not someone else's. Otherwise it will not be a confession, and condemnation, and sin. Do not try to justify himself, on the contrary, you need more to condemn, to accuse and denounce their acts to be forgiven. Your training – the first and very important part of confession.
The second part – the mystery. Don't be ashamed before the priest, professing you of your sins. Because the priest is only a mediator between you and God. The mystery of sacred confession, with confession information not be shared with anyone. Better to confess after the evening service, the priest will be able to give you more attention. Confess your sins openly and in detail. Don't hold anything back, you must sincerely regret their deeds. About each sin should be discussed separately. Not enough to say, "sinful", it is important to call sins by their names: gluttony, adultery, greed, pride. To help you gather your thoughts, the priest may ask you, have you committed a particular sin. If you did not do this, you should not answer: "maybe Yes." And not talking about what you did, without question professing you, otherwise it will look like bragging.
It is not necessary every time to talk about one and the same sin, if you once professed. Should confess with sorrow, regret and contrition about sins, but not with equanimity, or even with a smile. The priests to confess at least once in two weeks. No matter what age you came to the temple, if this is your first confession, then the sins are confessed, starting from the age of seven.