To confession you need to prepare in advance to recall all your sins and write them on a sheet of paper, not to forget to mention. This list you can pay to read him, but it is better to talk about the sins out loud. Don't talk about history, repent with all my heart. Confession is not listing sins and desire to be cleansed from them.
Before confession it is advisable to make peace with others and to ask forgiveness from wronged you. Find out when the Church is the sacrament of confession. If the temple no daily service check schedule.
Confession, usually after the evening service or morning before the Liturgy. The beginning can't be late, as this mystery begins with the reading of the orders, which involved wants to confess. Woman during menstruation can not go to the temple for repentance.
It is impossible to divide a list of sins to tell about them another time. It is desirable to confession to one Confessor. In large churches due to the multitude of penitents the priest is unable to hear confessions individually. Then lists the most common sins people repent of them, then they take turns coming to him under the prayer of absolution.
If you have never been to confession or not been to confession for several years, you need to choose the ward where I only make a private Sacrament. Grievous sin, you haven't mentioned in the General confession, will remain Unforgiven.
After the penitent kiss the cross and the gospel on the lectern, take Confessor's blessing in the communion. The sacrament of Holy communion you must be prepared especially. This process is called retreat. It lasts for a week, in an extreme case, to three days. At this time you need to fast. Eliminate from your diet fast food, meat, dairy products and eggs.
Refrain from entertainment and physical intimacy. Do morning and evening prayer, add to it the reading of the Penitential Canon. On the eve of Holy communion visit the evening service. Before prayers at bedtime, read three canons: of repentance to Jesus Christ, the virgin Mary and guardian angel. To prayers for Holy communion in the morning, read the corresponding Canon.
From midnight, no eating, no drinking and Smoking. Children under seven years of age can eat. A woman should not wear makeup and take communion during menstruation.
When the priest comes out with Holy sacrament, the communicants must make the prostration on a weekday and lap – in holiday or Sunday. Listen carefully to the prayer and repeat it to myself. After the Liturgy, put your hands on his chest, right over left, approach the Holy Chalice. First come children, then men, after they approach women.
State your name and accept the Holy Gifts. Kiss the edge of the Holy Chalice and get back to the table for taking back. This needs to be done, so that no slightest particle of the body of Christ does not remain in the mouth.
Pray in Church until the end of the service. Listen carefully to the prayer of thanksgiving. The rest of the day spend pious: razmenivayas not empty talk, do not watch television programs, refrain from intimacy.