The confession differs from an ordinary conversation with a priest. This conversation can be, of course, very confidential, it is possible to deal with some life situations, to obtain advice. But the sacrament of confession is fundamentally different from friendly conversation, it is full of deep moral meaning.
To prepare for confession, first of all, you need to devote time to some reflections. For a start become aware of their sins. The fact that you chose to confess indicates that something in your life is not as you would like. Re-read the sermon on the mount Jesus Christ, and you will find answers to questions about what should be considered a sin. And the commandments given in the time of Moses, is also to some extent reflect the design of God regarding the righteousness of human life.
Sometimes among the people of believers who consider themselves familiar with the ecclesiastical institutions, there are so-called designed brochures, "lists of sins". Such preparation for confession must be considered questionable because it makes confession of the formal features of ordinary enumeration of sins, which is not the essence of this sacrament.
There is no need to invent a special language, talking about their sins. It is not necessary to think long about how to formulate his words, to call my sin correctly. Use normal speech and the speed to which you are familiar. Remember that God knows about your sins more than you.
Often, a penitent person, it is difficult to speak out against their sins, fearing to fall under the condemnation of a priest. You will be surprised to learn how different and unusual may be the sins which confess the congregation. So priest you surprise and puzzle unlikely. The priest, as a witness of true repentance, will never condemn you for confession.
In confession we should talk about big and serious things, avoid talking about small household issues. Your failure to comply with the post in the eyes of God is clearly not to be considered a great sin, so to start with this should not.
The main issue you have to touch in the confessional, can be devoted to relationship with God and their loved ones, especially your family members. But do not forget about respect to other people on your life path.
Remember that to change your life you need even before confession. Do not turn confession into a simple confession. Genuine repentance begins long before the confession and demands a large work of mind and heart. Think about it: if you think it is possible to continue to sin, and after talking with the priest, you may, should not, to confess, to wait?
Stay in peace with all people and with ourselves. Before asking forgiveness from God, try to forgive yourself and clear their alleged abusers. Detach the heart from the burden of resentment, bad and negative thoughts.
While preparing for confession always remember the words of the Lord: "Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. With what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged".