Public speaking success depends on many factors. To consider all the details. First, consider where you start your speech, and how it will be finished. In the beginning you need to attract the attention of listeners and tell briefly what they hear in your speech. Use key phrases, speak simply, without complex verbal structures. Secondly, the body of your speech must contain a reasonable disclosure of the questions which you put to the audience at the beginning. You have to be ready at any time to answer questions.
In addition to the reasonableness of the speech, you must have a rich vocabulary. Try to avoid speech patterns and speech dies. No slang and words-parasites. Less new loan words, especially if they are easy to replace commonly used. The ability to perceive information. To get rid of junk words, when communicating with friends, enter the penalties for their use. Fine best to use one that will benefit your cause the development of correct and beautiful speech. For example, to rewrite a page of the novel pen classic.
The third success factor – diction. To improve it, pronounce the tongue twisters. The classic technique is to stuff his mouth with nuts and speak with them, you can also say tongue twisters at different rates. If you can't understand what are the speech defects you have to overcome – record your presentation or an excerpt from any book. When you listen, make a note of all the shortcomings and correct their mistakes. Common problems is the uncontrolled change of voice, swallowing endings.
If you have a problem with the tone of voice, try to use breathing exercises. If it rises the upper part of the chest, then you have a thoracic breathing. It's weak, starting to speak, you quickly suffocate. When diaphragmatic breath increases abdominal. To learn to breathe with the diaphragm, regularly sing, holding notes up to the limit of the lungs. Another exercise – take a few short breaths and exhales, acting with the abdominal muscles, they need to push out the air.
In conclusion, I would like to focus on confidence of speech. Even after completing all the recommendations, you may feel like you are overcome with fear. It is natural in a public speech, but it can be overcome. Before the speech, mash not only the face but also the body, physical exercise will prepare your body. Take a few deep breaths. At the time of the speech straighten your shoulders and straighten your back so as not to pinch the breath. So you will quickly cope with the anxiety