To think about what you say. Initially focus on the meaning of statements is incredibly difficult. After all, most people unconsciously use the same hackneyed expressions, weaving back and swearing, and the words parasites, and stamps. In order to build your speech, one should speak more clearly and concisely. The phrase should be simple and clear. It is a mindset. And building your language, man changes himself for the better. And swing the mind is as difficult as rock muscle or not used to doing push UPS, fifty times.
Down with the expletives. If we continue the analogy with the novice athlete, for the body important a good balanced diet. Down with chips, long live natural food with high protein content, vegetables and fruit. Our language needs new books, films and programs in which you can get acquainted with samples of appropriate language and logical reasoning. Mat and parasites should be excluded from their use strongly. Youth and professional slang and colloquialisms acceptable, but only in his circle. One of the most important rules literate, literary speech - relevance.
Record and listen. Should conduct an experiment - to leave the recorder turned on, and then listen to his speech. Many people may understand himself. For example, to catch the words-parasites or stress. But sometimes you have to show your friends. Sorry, friends, acquaintances, in reality, can not always help to cope with this problem. So people tuned in overcoming their speech problems, have to expand the circle of friends: look for competent and educated people. Sometimes even it is necessary to tell about his intention. And rare people will refuse to help.
Books and dictionaries. They will help to nourish the personal lexicon. The first is to deal with the stress. Call cakes, the expert - all of this is to write on the card and periodically refresh their memories. The dictionary of synonyms is no less important. It allows you to master the shades of meaning. It's not always red - it is red, it may be the scarlet, and crimson, and scarlet. Learning new words, one begins to see new colors, hear new sounds and feel new thoughts.