You will need
  • Russian textbooks, dictionaries, reference books, fiction and specialized literature, work on voice and diction.
Teach your native language! To speak correctly, you need to be literate. This is a prerequisite, without it can not do. Ask yourself, how many times have you consulted a reference book or dictionary after graduated from this or that educational institution?
Look in most dictionaries, especially in pronouncing and explanatory, not to be trapped putting the emphasis there and not make mistakes in coordination and management. Dictionaries will help you to get rid of tongues – the main enemy of the speaker.
Read books. Thus, you will not only enrich vocabulary but also greatly expand the horizons and increase the level of erudition.
Get rid of words-parasites. Pause and don't be afraid of silence. A small pause instead of interjections signals what you think, weigh every word. It is only a plus. If you are afraid that you will interrupt, try to avoid contact with such people.
Try to avoid interrogative sentences like "Well, you know?" and excuses. Be confident in yourself.
Techniques of speech. This requires practice. There are many ways – from training in front of a mirror to disputes and public speaking. There are also many games and exercises designed specifically for those who want to master the art of eloquence.
Work on diction, voice and correct breathing. Record yourself on a dictaphone or video camera, perform work on the bugs. You can self study and can enroll in special courses, good courses to improve speech now happening everywhere.
Improvise, practice your wits make words! Develop your own unique and individual style.
Do not spray on trifles. Your speech should be intelligible, clear, informative. Don't be boring.
Not to go into the sophistry. No, even the most perfect form does not compensate for poor content.