Before you start on something to say, think about how well do you know what you want to say. If you do not understand the subject, you will never feel confident before the audience, hesitating and stumbling in conversation, you will look ridiculous. Consider and plan in advance your speech.
In order to learn how to speak confidently, you first need to overcome his shyness and lack of confidence in their abilities. If you act boldly, the parties will never feel your fear in front of them. A strong and persistent desire to achieve goals will certainly help. No matter how your heart is beating, behave calmly and confidently, stand up straight and look directly into the eyes of his listeners.
Before the performance, or a conversation half a minute breathe deeply. The flow of oxygen into the lungs as you cheer and embolden.
It will be easier to get rid of the embarrassment, and you will feel more at ease if you do something to the audience, For example, pick up a book or open a window, move a chair or something to write on the Board. Also you will feel more confident, speaking at the table or holding a chair.
The ability to speak is directly related to the ability to read and listen to smart people. To get the information that you have a lot of opportunities – books, Internet, movies, etc. Try to remember some interesting words, and vivid figures of speech. Constantly educate yourself.
Rehearse your speech in front of people. For this you can use a mirror and a recorder. Listen to yourself, analyze what you can change to make your voice was more confident.
Any skill only comes with experience and great practice. Want to speak with confidence – practice your speech more. You can first practice on a small audience and soon you will see how it goes your anxiety and have the confidence. Experienced speakers also suggest to beginners from the very beginning to treat the audience friendly, and then she will reciprocate and you will feel the confidence.
If you have the ability and desire to speak with confidence, work out some acting courses. To overcome the internal barrier before the performance and can help you with a psychologist.