All your Luggage — and that you want to hand over for carriage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, and one that's going to take to the salon, you are required to present for inspection. Remember that upon discovery of items prohibited to be carried on the plane, they are at best confiscated, and in worst case you will be attracted to administrative or even criminal liability. The claim that you did not know or that this is not your things, hardly will help you.
Make it a strict rule: don't carry anything illicit (explosive and flammable substances, weapons and ammunition, narcotic drugs, etc.), don't leave your stuff at the airport unattended, do not accept to transfer to others any of the items, packages, parcels.
If you have a required, but prohibited in the cabin items (pocket knife, scissors, manicure nail files, liquids with a capacity of more than 50 ml, etc.), put them in a bag intended for carriage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. Otherwise, they will be taken at the entrance to the security zone.
Can bring water or any other beverage, but try to use it before entering the security zone. You can drink it right at the entrance to the post control, and throw in a special box.
The identity documents, travel vouchers, cash, Bank cards, medication, etc bring into the cabin.
How much Luggage you can bring onboard the plane? There are two rules: the number of seats and weight. In Russia there is a weight system, that is, each first class passenger is entitled to carry free of charge 40 kg of Luggage, passengers of the business class – 30 kg, and passengers of economy class – 20 kg. Is the total weight of the Luggage that will fly in the compartment, and the one the passenger will take to the salon. The extra weight must be paid at the airport before boarding the plane.
The size of the baggage intended for carriage in the cargo compartment, the sum of three dimensions should not exceed 203 cm for passengers in first and business class, 158 cm to passengers economy class. Size one piece of baggage intended for carriage in the cabin, in the sum of three dimensions must not exceed 115 cm regardless of the class of the passenger.