The dimensions of hand Luggage

Before you raise your hand Luggage, it is necessary to determine its possible size and weight. The baggage allowance of various airlines may differ from each other, so you should be familiar with the rules of a particular flight under "Normal. bug./Free Allow" on the ticket.

Standard for hand Luggage is the weight of 5 kg and size not exceeding the sum of three dimensions (length, width, height) 115 cm. This can be a large handbag or small suitcase, which will go on the shelf located above the heads of the passengers along the aircraft or can be placed under the seat.

In excess of

There is a set of things that count as hand Luggage, but would not be weighted and do not get a pass. These are things that may be needed by the passenger during the landing, immediately after landing, and in flight:

- clothing and accessories: outerwear, suit holdall, umbrella;
- personal items: handbag, briefcase, document folder;
- equipment: camera, camcorder, laptop, mobile phone;
- printed materials: books, magazines, Newspapers;
- baby items: meals in flight, stroller, crib;
- crutches, canes and wheelchairs.

It is not necessary to bring into the aircraft cabin

Collecting baggage, we should not forget about the limitations that the airlines impose on the list of items allowed for transportation in the cabin. If the inspection of hand Luggage is found the subject of the blacklist, it will have to throw away, as main Luggage already delivered and shift it anywhere.

The main restrictions relate to liquids, which ranked as creams, pastes and gels. All these liquids must be in bottles no more than 100ml. All the containers in turn must be Packed in a transparent plastic bag with a volume of 1 liter with a hermetic closure. In hand Luggage can not be more than one such package.

In addition to liquids persona non grata in hand Luggage are all piercing and cutting items, weapons, and items that mimic weapons: lighters, toys; spears, arrows, baseball bats, sticks for skis and Golf clubs. You cannot take toxic, explosive and flammable substances.

Also not allowed aerosols, in addition to cans of spray asthma medication. This problem can occur with syringes for injection of insulin. Better to worry about it in advance and get a doctor's note. Even if a certificate does not require departure, she may need upon returning home and in a strange city is difficult to get the necessary document.

It is not necessary to take the Luggage

It is advisable to take with you to the salon aren't the only things that are needed in flight – a blanket, a pillow under his head, but valuable things. Documents, tickets, jewelry, money and credit cards should not be Packed in main Luggage as it may get lost in transit. In addition, the first aid kit should also be kept in check.