Make an appointment with the therapist. After the preliminary ruling of the diagnosis you will be referred to a specialist for further tests. Even if you do achieve a stationary survey, you still have to pass the preliminary tests depending on your illness, low - blood and urine.
Wait for the results and they go again to the hospital. Sometimes the tests get into the hands of your doctor. If they will not occur strong deviations from the norm, and your condition is deemed satisfactory, in the hospital you can't get in. But if the errors still occur, talk to your doctor and explain the situation, which is why you want to go to the hospital.
Usually to go to the hospital the next day or a few, it all depends on the fullness of the hospital. Collect all personal belongings for the duration of the treatment, if you can bring a replacement, take only what you need. Time spent in the hospital depends on examination findings and your health, as well as from the disease and its treatment outcomes.