Complete with a wireless keyboard you will find three things:
• Directly keyboard;

• Wireless adapter to connect into a USB port;

• CD with drivers.
Additionally, the set may include batteries. If your kit is not provided, please purchase them in advance. Quite often you can see a set of wireless keyboard which includes a mouse. However, the equipment depends on the manufacturer and the prices of the devices. But in any case to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, you will have to do the same steps.
Insert the driver disk into the drive of the computer. If autorun is not started, open the disk with Windows Explorer and run the install drivers manually. For this search the disk for executable files with the names "Setup.exe" or "Install.exe". Start them now.
Plug the wireless adapter into the USB port. Often the adapters has a small diode that lights up when connected to the computer, signaling, thus, about the successful connection.
Insert the batteries into the wireless keyboard. Sometimes the design of the device, an additional switch, often located on the back side. Place the switch in the "ON"position.
The computer will display a message about detecting a new device. Automatically will search and install drivers for the keyboard. After that, the wireless keyboard can be used. Rarely, you may need to restart the computer.
Some versions of the motherboard BIOS have the ability to recognize signals of a wireless USB keyboard immediately after turning on the computer. Making the appropriate BIOS setting, you can use the keyboard without waiting for loading the operating system, as well as in cases when it is necessary to restore the health of the computer from under DOS.