If the car UAZ installed a mechanical speedometer, the sequence of actions is this:Disconnect a cable of a speedometer from a box of PP, which remove the mounting nut of the cable from the actuator to the transaxle and pull. If the nut is not turned away, carefully turn it with the pliers.
Connect the cable to the speedometer through the rubber adapter electric drill with reversible. One end of the rubber adapter put on the tip of the cable, the second clamp in a cartridge of a drill.
Turn on the drill in the socket. When using rechargeable screwdriver – simply select the direction of rotation and turn on the tool.
When the drill follow the indications of the speedometer. Get the right readings of the speedometer.
Disconnect the cable from the tool, insert the tip of the cable to the gearbox transaxle and tighten nut securing cable.
If the car UAZ equipped with an electronic speedometer (odometer), perform the following operations:Remove the instrument panel. Disconnect the speedometer from the instrument panel.
Remove the locking bracket of the electric motor of the speedometer. Pull out the motor.
Twist with the screwdriver in the gear of the speedometer in the direction that reduces the counter. When the required testimony, reinstall the motor.
Lock the motor bracket. Connect the speedometer to the instrument panel. Install the instrument panel in its place, to fix.
If you do not want to Tinker yourself, you will consign your car at the station where all the work will be done by qualified professionals at a reasonable cost. Electronic speedometer is recommended to adjust only with the involvement of experts!