To reset the counter of the account of oil, you need to perform the following operations. Turn the ignition on, then press the button located on the meter trip odometer: press the button to the first position, that is approximately ten seconds. Remember: a change of position is achieved by repeatedly pressing this button.
Select the desired item, for example, "Oil". After that, throw off the service interval of the oil, press the button on the meter (press and hold for three seconds): you should see the question "Reset?". To confirm the reset, click on the meter and hold for three seconds.
After the done procedure turn off the ignition and check whether the reset to the counter reading.
Please note that the reset counter is possible only in the case if resource positions less than 80%. Otherwise, the procedure of counter reset can be made only through a special diagnostic system. On the impossibility of zeroing, i.e., the blocking of this function is indicated by OK in the menu.
Remember: the resetting procedure can be performed only after the vehicle maintenance. During the reset position check THE calendar settings, that is, the on-Board date. This date is the basis for determining the date of the next maintenance.
Please note another point: the position of "Brake pads" is reset only in the case if the sensor status of the brake pads has worn out.