You will need
  • - passport;
  • - driver's license;
  • - driver's card;
  • - two photos;
  • receipt of payment of duty and fees.
  • - certificate of training in driving school.
Before you go to school, think about whether you have achieved the age where you can get a specific category. If the right category And you can get at the age of 16, obtaining the rights to passenger or freight car (category b and C) is possible only in 18 years. Bus, tram, trolley bus, you can control only from 20 years. Category E (drive vehicles with trailers and semitrailers) can be obtained only in the presence of categories b, C or D of rights.
Contact the driving school, pay a course and visit all lectures and practical classes. Please note, for category A and b do not have to undergo training, you can prepare for the exams independently.
Find the set of examination of tickets to the category that you want to. It can be purchased in the bookstore or found online. Be sure to check the relevance of the tickets, they change every year. If you can, learn by heart all the tickets to pass the first time not only the internal examination of the driving school, but the exam in the traffic police.
Please note that in some cases the theoretical exam can be avoided. If you have not passed more than three months ago, the examination for a different category, please contact the office of the traffic police, to the results read to you. In this matter the category, which you give up – check with the Department of traffic police.
Pass a practical examination in driving, first in school, then in the traffic police. It is necessary to correctly perform the three exercises in the circuit, the choice of the instructor. Then you go into a town and demonstrate the knowledge of traffic rules and the ability to adequately drive the car in a constantly changing environment.
Prepare documents for passing the exam and obtaining license. You will need passport, driving card, medical certificate, driver's license on the right of vehicle control, receipt of payment of the fee for the examinations and fees two photos (if STSI requires them). Get a new law.