Select a suitable driving school. Read the contract that it enters into with students, be sure to find out whether the driving school vending special license. It is useful to get recommendations from friends and acquaintances who have already successfully finished the training in this driving school. They will be able to tell about all the nuances that may affect your decision to stop your choice on this school or continue looking for more suitable.
Pass a medical examination. This can be done both in the driving school, where you do not have to stand in long queues and any municipal or private clinic. Only obtained after passing the medical examination help, you will be able to start training in a driving school.
Prepare all the documents necessary to enroll in driving courses. The list of such documents includes two color photos 3x4 without the area, a photocopy of your passport and the receipt confirming payment of state duty for the examination of. In addition, you need to make a special statement to the police.
Go through the theoretical part of the exam. It is computer test, during which you will need to demonstrate their knowledge of traffic rules. You made a mistake when answering exam questions twice or more times, you will not be admitted to the next stage. To retake the test after one week.
Pass the practical exams. They include a test of driving skills in a special area belonging to the driving school and on the streets. That is driving in the city is the most difficult stage of the exams. To cope with it, you in a few weeks will be able to contact the office of the traffic police your driver's license.