You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the document on registration at the place of stay if confirmed by category, not by place of residence;
  • - a set of photographs on driver's license (the number depends on the situation: two);
  • - a valid certificate of passing the driving examination;
  • examination card of the driver or the confirmation from the traffic police unit that issued previous driver's license;
  • - receipt confirming the payment of state fees for exams and issuance of driving license;
  • - the application form;
  • - instructor services for restoration of driving skills (not required but safer to use them).
Take a picture. To do this, go to any shop and tell them that you need a photograph for a driver's licence. The law permits both black-and-white and color photos, so the only choice for you. Directly in the traffic police need two photos, but unless you have a valid medical certificate, one will also be required for registration.
Retake the driver's medical examination, if the expiration date of your last certificates expired. This will help most of the private medical centers and a municipal clinic. Service of obtaining help pay. Before going to the municipal clinic take help for GAI in narcological and psychoneurological dispensaries at the place of residence or stay. In private you can usually pass the inspection of the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist for a fee.
Pay the state fee for the examination and issuance of a new driver's license. Find out the details in the nearest subdivision of the traffic police or on its regional management. Make the payment you can at any branch of "Sberbank of Russia". Often in the examination divisions of traffic police of the terminals are installed, through which you can pay all fees directly before the submission of the documents.
Contact the division of police with a set of documents. If everything is in order, you will be assigned exam dates. To pass them again - a dubious pleasure. But there are relatively enjoyable. If you have opened several categories of driving you will pass one time in one category of your choice, and not all are available.
Walk a few driving lessons to restore the skill. Practice shows that after such a long break is not redundant. In General, the recovery of the skill takes less time than the original purchase, but all individually.
Brush up on the rules of the road. This is especially true for drivers who passed the previous examination before the entry into force of the new traffic rules in 2011.
On the appointed date, come to the exams and in case of their successful completion in the prescribed time will receive a new license with the right of management by vehicles of all previously available you categories.