When filling of the inquiry on the salary Board at the beginning need to fill in the General data; these include General classifiers such as year, the reference number (assigned by fiscal agent) and the date on which to complete the certificate. There is also a field "attribute" that specifies the digit 1 (if the reference is in the quality of annual reporting (paragraph 2 of article 230 of the tax code)), or 2 (if the withholding agent reports on impossibility to withhold personal income tax (clause 5, article 226 of the tax code)). After the field is populated with "IRS code" is a four-digit code of the tax authority where the tax agent (organisation or sole trader) is on tax accounting. The first two digits is the region code, last two digits is the code of the tax authority.
Then filled with a first section of the document, which focuses on the tax agent. Fills the first count was taxBoardof lisica, then the organization's name and surname, name, patronymic taxBoardof lisica using the delimiter "/". Next, the graph is populated OKATO, i.e. the code of the administrative-territorial unit in whose territory the organization. The rcoad codes are in OK 019-95 (OKATO) "all-Russian classifier of objects of administrative-territorial division". Information about OKATO code can also be obtained in the tax authority at the place of registration.The next requisite is the telephone number in this column is sufficient to provide the telephone number the tax agent.
The next step is filling out the second section, which contains information about natural person – recipient of income. In this section you must indicate the surname, name, patronymic, INN taxBoardof lisica, nationality and other General information.
Further filled with a third section that includes data on income of physical persons and the value of tax deductions. In the beginning of this section indicate the interest rate for which a structured note. In this case, it is necessary to mention about the certificates and interest rates. If the taxBoardlisik taxed at 9% and 13%, each tax rate should be a separate certificate about the wages Board. Then complete the table income by month and tax deductions. The certificate can be completed in 6 or 12 months depending on what it is.
In the fourth section marked "Standard, social and property tax deductions" is the amount actually granted taxBoardlesiku standard tax deductions, property tax deductions, social tax deductions.
The final section is the fifth section, "Total income tax for the tax period." This section lists the General, summarized data on income and tax deductions individuals.