As a rule, the average earnings shall be calculated by multiplying the average daily wage of the worker the average number of working days in the period for which calculations are conducted. And average daily earnings are considered as follows: the amount of wages actually accrued, divided by the number actually worked during a given period of days. This information should be reflected in the certificate of the average wage Board. Reference is usually made with the last job. Filled on a special form, a sample of which has been specially installed and approved.
How to fill <b>help</b> about the average salary of <strong>motherboard</strong>
The main condition for the filling - you need to have all of the fields that appear on the form was filled. If some data is missing, you need these fields to make a line. And, of course, must necessarily include the value of average earnings of a person who had at the last place of work.
To help took at the labor exchange without additional questions, it should have the following data: registration number, official seal and corner stamp (both of them must be clearly printed), signature of Director and chief accountant of the enterprise, as well as the decoding of these signatures, the date of issuance of certificate, name and full details of the company (including its location and full address).
How to fill <b>help</b> about the average salary of <strong>motherboard</strong>
The main requirement for the clearance certificate should not have any corrections, erasures or arithmetic mistakes, deletions and typographical errors. If when making mistakes could not be avoided, you need a hotfix, as appropriate, to assure and deliver print.
And, of course, the text embossed on the body of the press and printed in the workbook shall be the same as the stamp on the certificate of average earnings.
How to fill <b>help</b> about the average salary of <strong>motherboard</strong>