The types of belts

In the wardrobe of the modern man should have a few belts on all occasions.

Leather classic belt should be made from natural material of the highest quality. To the touch to be soft and have rounded lines, thanks to a special gasket. However, on the materials for gasket manufacturers often scrimp and put them in the place of genuine leather, elastic cardboard. This belt, unfortunately, very short-lived.

Belt made of quality leather, does not leave creases. It is advisable to purchase the belt which is stitched around the perimeter. Line, itself, should be perfect. Fused, the product will sooner or later have to flake.

Now many famous brands produce single-layer leather belts that are more practical than the two-layer gasket.

When buying a leather belt should be good to pull it to the ends. It should not stretch more than 1.5 – 2 see If he never stretches it to wear it will be very uncomfortable and tight.

The classic leather strap has a width of 4 or 5 cm Buckle it is made of plain material of good quality, which is in the process of socks is not erased and does not tarnish.

Strap – casual wear usually with jeans. It can be made of various materials: cloth, rubber, leather, artificial polymers. The buckle can be either the most unimaginable, shape and size. The width of the strap casual from 2-6 cm This belt cannot be worn with a strict business suit.

Universal straps fit trousers and jeans. Their width is about 3.5 cm

How to choose the belt color and style of the

The main rule that must be observed when choosing the color of the belt: it must harmonize with the shoes. Brown shoes and black belt cannot be worn.

A business suit is most suitable classic or a universal belt.

Canvas belt will look great with trousers made of corduroy, but it is not recommended to wear with a business suit.

Braided straps will look perfectly with clothes for leisure. However, you must ensure that the rough texture of the strap does not weigh down the fabric from which sewed the pants.

The correct belt must be buckled on the third hole. It is unacceptable to pierce in the finished product extra holes. If the belt is too long, it must shorten to normal length. No need to do this on their own – the result will not look aesthetically pleasing.

In a locked position the seat belt should be threaded through the first belt loops on the pants.

All accessories on the belt should be made of high quality materials.

The belt must be two loops. One is fixed near the buckle, and the second – on distance of the palm from the buckle.