Modern and brand new look jeans can be given by means of a belt. Men's jeans are hard to imagine without this accessory, not to mention female. It is clear that belt for women will differ from the belt of the strong half of humanity in appearance.
To create a unique style, you need to know how to choose belts and belt buckles. As of today pay great attention to aesthetics in the creation of these accessories, then to question their choice should be approached responsibly.
The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a belt, it can be the colors. Here it is necessary to consider some nuances. Will look good belts of a similar color with the boots. To combine accessory and t-shirt or shirt. The neutral option is to choose black or brown belt. However, the dark color is ill-suited to bright jeans. Business people pick up the belts to the color of the buckle from the watch.
Picking up the accessory, you should pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made. Strap in the style of "casual" may be made of rubber, leather or plain fabric. It is popular among teenagers. A distinctive feature of this belt is the big belt buckle with logo of famous brands. But do not buy cheap imitations as it will look childish, without creating a style the designer intended.
Sports straps are more suited to modern teenagers, and looks great with a bright colored t-shirts and sneakers. Classic is not suitable to jeans, so the belt of this type should be worn exclusively to the pants.
If the belt chooses a man, then should pay attention to such parameters as the combination of style and color, accessories and jeans. The skin is rough the candle will be the ideal material for the production of belts. So give preference to this type of fabric. Choose a belt of medium width. Do not use this accessory if it is taken from the Trouser suit. He did not fit to the pants. This combination will look ridiculous.
Women's belt can be made of fabric, leather, ribbon, nylon or braid. A simple accessory can be used in the case. If it will be hidden under a shirt or t-shirt. The style of the belt should match the style of jeans. Tough combat accessory will match any jeans, complemented by boots with thick soles. To a simple tight tank top will fit a strap of thick fabric.