The easiest way to distinguish a genuine leather belt from a fake — the smell — is not working. There are a number of industrial fragrance, able to give the product any fragrance, so the street did not notice the difference. At the same time, skin always has an animal smell, as it covers multiple treatment during manufacture. For this reason, it is impossible to check the quality of the material the old-fashioned way, i.e. "to the tooth".
Genuine leather absorbs moisture, and then wet place darkens slightly, and after drying is the same. The artificial material or does not pass water at all, or deformed. However, if the skin has been impregnated water-repellent composition, such a test will not be able to achieve the result. Varnished surfaces, this method does not work either.
Leather products have high temperature combustion, unlike cheap imitations from molded leather and synthetic leather, because the material is much thinner and mounted on a fabric basis. Sellers in the market often suggest to verify the quality, bringing a lighter or burning match to the edge of the belt. This method works if the skin is not covered with varnish or paint, otherwise peeling of the top layer, and the product will be spoiled.
But to calculate the dyed product is quite simple: as a rule, on cheap fakes the coloring composition is applied unevenly, so the shade may change or go spots. Products of leather, in turn, painted without flaws.
Negligence produces a fake head. When choosing a belt, look at the edge. If you find sticking out thread, most likely, before you the product is made of synthetic leather. This material is made from waste leather industry, and as a basis use conventional textile fabric. Therefore, the manufacturer cannot guarantee the durability characteristic of leather.
There is another way to distinguish the skin from the substitute. For this you have to RUB a finger the product in any place. Natural material is rapidly heated from the touch, artificial — remains cold.
To ensure that you protect yourself from fraud, buy belts and other goods in shops with a good reputation, and not from the market traders. Self-respecting manufacturer is required to brand products made of genuine leather with a special sign, which shows the animal's skin. In addition, it provides certificates of quality and compliance, and also gives a firm guarantee on their products.