You will need
  • Computer browser (Opera, Internet Explorer), Internet access, Java, Macromedia Flash Player
Decide which browser you will use by default. The two most popular browsers are Opera and Internet Explorer. After selecting browser click "start". Select the tab "control Panel", go to "Internet options" select the desired browser, click "Programs" and select "use default". If in "control Panel" there is no one browserthat you want to do basic, click start, select default Programs", "program List" from the list of programs select your browser, which will work as the primary.
Once a browser is selected, you need to download and install several programs for its normal functionality. Download Java and install it on your computer. The program will allow you to display all the graphic elements on the web pages, play online flash games, and expand the capabilities of the browser.
The next component, without which the normal operation of the browser is not guaranteed to be Macromedia Flash Player. Without it will not show many elements on the pages of the Internet, and most importantly, will not play online videos. Download and install the application. Turn off the browser, as the installation process it needs to be disabled. Install the program.
For additional settings of the browser , go to "Settings." Here you can choose all available options, the scale of the display pages, block pop-UPS, etc.
If you use the browser "Opera", you can configure turbo mode. Start the web browser. In the lower left corner on the toolbar there is an icon, click on it, you will see a list of commands: "enable Opera turbo, disable Opera turbo". Opera turbo speeds up page loading with slow Internet speeds by reducing the quality of the graphics pages. If you have a fast Internet connection, leave this parameter disabled Opera turbo.