Try updating flash player, after downloading the install from the official Adobe website. Go to the website and select the menu item Downloads. After loading the page click the Get Adobe Flash Player. The website will automatically detect your system and the browser then prompts you to download the desired version of the plugin. Don't forget to remove the check mark next to McAfee. After all settings click the button to Download. You have displayed the download window. Accept the download file and run it after downloading. If the error was not critical, the plugin will successfully updated. After updating, it is desirable to restart and try to access any site that uses flash, for example
If you update Adobe FlashP Player failed, you will have a little clean up "traces" that are left by the previous flash player. For this you need the program CCleaner. To remove the old flash player, go to "control Panel" then in category "Programs", point to "Programs and features". Locate Adobe Flash Player and click "Uninstall". Use the Wizard to remove programs complete the removal of flash player and reboot your computer.
Now download CCleaner and install it. Start and select the "Registry" section, click "Search for problems". Upon completion of the analysis, click the "Fix...". To save a backup copy is optional. In the last step, hit "Fix checked". Can go to the "Cleaning" and perform analysis of the system. All the preparatory steps are completed, start the installation of Adobe Flash Player.
Start the browser you will use the most, go to the official website Adobeи download Flash Player. Run the installation file and follow the installation Wizard instructions. Upon completion of the installation, it is desirable to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. After this, Flash player should work effectively.